Premium organic cosmetics from Finland

All the products are designed and manufactured in Finland to guarantee the best possible quality. As a recognition of our hard work we were given the Ecocert Organic Cosmetic -certificate to prove our passion for organic and environmentally friendly operation.


Rose petal extract and rose otto

Rose petal extract can be harvested only once in a year, so it is full of essentials of the earth. The sensitive pink petals are collected by hands in May-June. The collecting starts on the first ray of the sun. This way the precious oil remains in the petals and it doesn´t fade away by the effect of the sun. The rose petal extract has been well known in the beauty over the centuries. It reduces the appearance of pores, and it also heals, balances and soothes the sensitive skin.


Rose otto is a multi-use product. It brightens, calms, strengthens, lightens and balances the skin and heals the inflammation. The fragrance of the rose otto calms and relaxes the mind and lowers the heart pressure.