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All the products are designed and manufactured in Finland to guarantee the best possible quality. As a recognition of our hard work we were given the Ecocert Organic Cosmetic -certificate to prove our passion for organic and environmentally friendly operation.


Gentle, but effective
products for all skin types.

Pure natural ingredients and efficiency

The purpose of skin cleansing is to remove impurities and make-up, as well as any extraneous oil, from the skin without damaging the moisture balance and healthy tissue. Cleansing is the first step to skin care, after which other skin care products can be applied. This product series contains the following cleansing active ingredients:

  • Bentonite clay balances the skin. It absorbs impurities from the skin and brightens and revitalize the skin.
  • Cornflower extract cleans and calms down the skin. It contains tannins, that boost the skin’s metabolism so that the hazardous substances exit from the tissue. The tannins reduce the production for the tallow and the growing of the micro-organisms.
  • Salicylic acid exfoliates and brightens the skin, and deep clean the pores of the skin. It renews the skin vigorously.

The following products contain cleansing active ingredients: SIEVÄ, KAUNIS, SÄIHKE, HELMI

Hydration keeps the skin surface soft so that impurities can escape through the pores of the skin by natural means. With regular hydration, we can avoid a number of skin problems, such as drying or flaking of the skin.

  • Orange flower extract contains flavonoids, that softens and moisturizes the skin.
  • The nurturing sunflower seed oil is pressed from the sunflower seeds. It nourishes the skin and helps the cell´s reformation. Sunflower seed oil maintains the moisture balance of the skin and softens the dry skin. Organic sunflower seed oil stimulates cell regeneration and it is rich in vitamin E.
  • Avocado oil binds moisture into the skin, boosts the formation of new cells and their metabolism. It is rich in the A and B vitamins.
  • Almond oil softens, smoothens and moisturizes the skin. Almond oil contains both vitamin A and E.
  • Aloe vera is an effective moisturizer and it contains more than 160 active ingredients. It softens the skin effectively by removing dead cells. Aloe vera corrects the skin’s pH balance.
  • Shea butter is rich in vitamin A, which maintains the skin’s moisture balance.
  • Oat extract moisturizes and regenerates the skin effectively.
  • Hyaluronic acid firms and hydrates the skin. Hyaluronic acid completes the pampering effect by creating a silky veil on the skin. This silky veil locks the moisture into the skin and gives an instant firming effect.
  • Olive oil softens and treats the skin.
  • GLA of black currant seed oil binds the hydration into the skin. It contains a perfect combination of fatty acids. It hydrates, treats, strengthens and improves the skin.

The following products contain hydrating active ingredients: SIEVÄ, KAUNIS, SÄIHKE, LUMOUS, LEMPEÄ UNI, VALO, UNELMA, IHANA, PUMPULI, SILKKI.

Free radicals are born in our bodies as a result of air pollution and the sun’s UV radiation, among others. These radicals affect the normal functioning of the cells and damage structures that are essential to your health. The damage proceeds from the cells to the tissues and to the skin. This is why it is advisable to protect yourself against free radicals.

  • Shea butter calms down the skin and effectively protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Sea buckthorn seed oil is one of the most precious organic oil in the world. It is very rich in antioxidants and, therefore, it protects the cells and the DNA, and improves and treats the skin effectively. The oil is very high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C stimulates the formation of the collagen, secures the skin from the external stress and nurtures the skin after the sunlight.
  • Oat extract is an excellent help to treat the skin exposed to the sun.
  • Birch tree sap stimulates the cell formulation and this way protects and regenerates the skin.
  • Olive oil secures the skin tissue against free radicals, thereby preventing oxidation of the cells and thus the skin maintains its natural elasticity.
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract protects the skin against dryness and cold with its incredibly bioactive protection mechanism. It activates skin renewal and improve damages of the skin.
  • Rose hip contains vitamins A and C, carotenoids and omega fatty acids. The carotenoids repair and secure the skin. Rose hip cures the skin actively. It makes the skin firm and elastic.

The following products contain active ingredients that provide protection against free radicals: VALO, UNELMA, IHANA, SILKKI, SÄIHKE, LUMOUS

Uneven skin tone may be caused, for instance, by intracellular or hormonal changes, as well as the sun’s UV radiation, which unbalances the melanin production of the skin.

  • Arbutin, available from the bearberry, lightens the skin. Thanks to this, arbutin is particularly well suited to skin that tends to develop hyperpigmentation, such as liver spots. Antioxidant arbutin alleviates skin inflammations.
  • Bilberry contains a number of different flavonoids and anthocyanins, as well as vitamins and trace elements. It protects the skin against free radicals and improves the elasticity of the skin’s collagen.
  • The high antioxidant level of chaga extract, available from the chaga mushroom, helps the skin correct itself, giving it the targeted care it needs. Chaga extract is the perfect active ingredient for challenging skin that tends to get inflammations. Its effective ingredients correct the pigmentation errors of the skin and protect it from external stress.
  • Rosemary improves blood circulation of the skin and thus it evens out skin tone, and tightens and refreshes the skin.

The following products contain active ingredients needed to even your skin tone: KIRKAS, KUULAS, LUMI, LUMI STRONG, PUMPULI, SILKKI

Our skin does age, whoever we are. Natural cellular atrophy leads to changes in the structure and functioning of the skin. However, we can influence the speed at which the signs of ageing begin to appear on our skin. These active ingredients prevent the premature ageing of the skin and fade out the signs of ageing.

  • Aloe vera contains polysaccharides, that firm the skin and stimulate cell renewal. Thus, it helps the skin maintain its youthfulness. Aloe vera also contains vitamins B, C and E.
  • Argan oil is a real beauty oil. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and is very high in vitamin E, which protects the cells from oxidation and thus prevents premature skin aging.
  • Shea butter has a skin smoothing feature which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Sea buckthorn seed oil contains ascorbic acid that stimulates collagen formation and thus protects the skin from premature aging.
  • Oat extract reduces the visible signs of aging such as fine lines of the skin.
  • Beta glucan soothes the skin and reduces the fine lines.
  • Well absorbing hyaluronic acid gives the perfect hydration and tightening to the skin. It stimulates the cellular processes that help the skin regenerate. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin and fills the gaps in collagen.
  • Sea buckthorn extract with high content of antioxidants protects the cells and their DNA. Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the formation of collagen.
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract is a glycoprotein that is from a bacterium called Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica. Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract renews the skin by stimulating and revitalizing the cell production. It fades fine lines and brings youthfulness to the skin by improving the production of the important proteins by stimulating for example growth of fibroblast cells.

The following products contain active ingredients that prevent ageing of the skin: SIEVÄ, KAUNIS, SÄIHKE, HELMI, LUMOUS, LEMPEÄ UNI, VALO, UNELMA, IHANA, PUMPULI, SILKKI

Some of the skin conditions that demand gentle, soothing, and protecting products for their treatment include reddened or couperose skin and acne. These raw ingredients in particular work effectively to treat reddened skin and other skin problems.

  • Jojoba oil normalizes the natural activities of the skin and acts as an antioxidant. It binds the moisture into the skin, revitalizes and improves scarring. Jojoba oil is ideal for acne and couperosa skin.
  • Almond oil prevents the inflammation.
  • Thanks to magnesium lactate aloe vera soothes the skin.
  • Oat extract calms and reduces the redness of the skin.
  • Beta glucan calms the skin and decreases the appearance of redness.
  • Black currant seed oil decreases the redness of the skin by calming it down.
  • Lingonberry seed oil contains vitamin E, an antioxidant, that supports the cell production, skin elasticity and moisture content.
  • Rose otto balances the skin and heals the inflammation.
  • Rose petal extract balances and soothes the sensitive skin.

The following products contain such active ingredients: SIEVÄ, KAUNIS, SÄIHKE, HELMI, LEMPEÄ UNI, VALO, UNELMA, IHANA, PUMPULI, SILKKI.

Eye contour skin is thinner and more sensitive in comparison with the rest of your complexion. Due to this, the right kind of care is especially important. For example, fatigue and signs of ageing, such as lines, show clearly on the eye contours.

  • Black elder flower extract fades the dark circles and reduces puffiness of the eye area. It stimulates the metabolism in the eye area.

The following products contain active ingredients for eye contour care: VALO

Globe Hope Organic Beauty by Mia Höytö Säihke käyttökohteet



HELMI is an incredibly revitalizing mask! It is an innovative exfoliating mask, that moisturizes, illuminates and revitalizes the skin. Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract firms and improve the skin’s moisture balance. In addition, it intensifies collagen and elastin production in the skin. It smoothes the skin and effectively improves the skin’s resistance to cold. Salicylic acid and bentoniteclay deep cleanse and brighten the skin while jojoba pearls gently exfoliate the skin.


SIEVÄ Cleansing Cream protects the skin´s moisture balance. It cleanses the skin gently and neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, leaving a soft and hydrated feeling on the skin. Northern bioactive antioxidant combination brightens and beautifies the skin. Sievä cleansing cream washes away all the make-up and impurities from the skin.


LEMPEÄ UNI oil serum brings an intensive vitamin therapy to the skin, as well as smoothes and brightens the skin tone. Bioactive combination protects and repairs the cells and increases the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Lempeä Uni is, as its name suggests, a soothing product. In addition to the skin pampering qualities, it contains aroma-therapeutic rose oil that relaxes and calms down the mind.


If You truly want to feel sweet, lovely and gorgeous it is important to use organic blackcurrant and sea buck thorn seed oils. IHANA Moisturising Cream contains both of these precious oils. Sea buck thorn seed oil is one of the most valuable oils in the planet. It is the very best at hydrating, soothing and regenerating the skin. Because of its antioxidants it is a perfect anti-age tool for Your skin. Ihana is a lovely companion for Your makeup because it gives a matifying glowing look to Your skin.


Unelma means daydream. UNELMA Intensive Moisturising Facial Cream works like a dream and makes Your skin intensively hydrated. That is why we are proud to call it Unelma. You can wear it day and night, depending on what Your skin currently needs. It is perfect as a night cream as it can make its miracles while You are sleeping. In daytime use it will give Your makeup a perfect base. Here in cold Scandinavia we know how important it really is to give Your skin the hydration it needs during cold periods but also in summer time when we enjoy sun. Unelma is a light cream but because of its luxurious natural and organic ingredients it is the perfect moisturiser for even the most demanding skin.


Scandinavian secrets birch tree sap, sea buckthorn and betaglucan are the heart of this weightless serum. These precious gifts from the earth are combined with the well-known beauty treats argan oil and hyaluronic acid. LUMOUS-serum pampers the skin deeply and protects it against the damaging effects of the free radicals for luminous toned skin.


The skin needs to be fresh to look and feel beautiful. As we all know it is very important to cleanse the face in the evening after the lovely day out and about. Kaunis means beautiful and You are at Your most beautiful without makeup, bare faced with glowing skin. KAUNIS Cleansing Gel is a gentle cleanser and it removes all the impurities and traces of makeup. Because it is gentle it leaves Your skin hydrated and ready for the moisturiser You decide to use. It does not matter what kind of makeup You use because Kaunis Facial Cleansing gel cleanses it all away and leaves Your skin with a light feeling.


Eye area is very delicate and sensitive part of Your face. Therefore, it is important to protect it with the best ingredients the Earth can give. When taking care of Your eye area You prevent the signs of ageing. VALO Eye Cream is a light but hydrating cream, which helps the skin to feel brighter and less puffy. It has no fragrance because we do not want to irritate the sensitive eye area. You can use Valo Eye Cream day and night. During daytime use it as Your little helper under Your makeup. It gives a perfect base for the eye makeup You choose to wear. At night time it supports the eye area while You relax in bed. Valo means light and in our opinion light is what our face and eyes needs to attain the best possible appearance.


SÄIHKE Softening Toner is fine harmonizing treat for your face. It hydrates and balances the skin after cleansing. Its sweet foamy texture prepares the skin for the next beauty product, your serum and cream. Säihke treats the delicate skin with birch tree sap, sea buckthorn extract, organic plant extracts and hyaluronic acid.


Silk is what we like to wear day and night. Therefore, we decided to get the same feeling into this luxurious organic certified body cream. You can wear whatever you like but still feel the silk on Your skin. This very hydrating cream gives Your skin the softness and moisture it needs to be as silky as possible. SILKKI Body Cream moisturises Your skin and it absorbs very well, so it instantly gives You the hydrating feeling.


PUMPULI Hand Cream pampers the hands and its lovely texture is easily absorbing into the skin. It makes your hands feel as they were made of the lightest feather.


The polyphenol combinations found in the Lappish blueberry, and the arbutin from the Lappish bearberry, provide a natural solution for lightening excessive skin pigmentation. LUMI STRONG serum contains maximum concentration of arbutin. Blueberry and arbutin also have powerfull antioxidant characteristics that further protect collagen. Apply serum in the morning and evening. No perfume.


Brightening Serum with a high concentration of active ingredients. LUMI serum targets troublesome areas, to lighten excessive skin pigmentation in liver spots, freckles and scars, as well as treat and protect sensitive skin. 100% vegetable-based raw materials. LUMI Serum harness the potent rejuvenating properties unique to the Lappish Blueberry, Bearberry and Chaga Mushroom. No perfume.


Protective day cream prevents premature ageing of the skin. Removes and lightens liver spots and excessive brown pigment. Prevents and slows down the perishing of the skin’s collagen. 100% vegetable-based raw materials. KIRKAS Day Cream harness the potent rejuvenating properties unique to the Lappish Blueberry, Bearberry and Chaga Mushroom. No perfume.


Moisturising and protective night cream prevents premature ageing of the skin. Prevents and lightens pigment spots. Strengthens and smooths the skin. 100% vegetable-based raw materials. KUULAS Night Cream harness the potent rejuvenating properties unique to the Lappish Blueberry, Bearberry and Chaga Mushroom. No perfume.